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With years of professional pet sitting services experience, the pet sitters of Atlanta Dogsitting will provide you with peace of mind while you are away from your pets and home. 

In order to keep your pets stress-free it's best not to alter their daily routines.  Our petsitters strive to give each pet the care they're accustomed to, following in-depth instructions that each client provides during one-on-one consultations.


Spring & Summer Tips For Your Pet(s)

  • KEEP YOUR PET LEASHED: This will keep your pet from getting lost, fighting other animals, and eating and drinking things that could make her sick.
  • KEEP AN EASY ROUTINE FOR PETS WHO DON'T DO WELL IN THE HEAT: Elderly, very young, ill, and overweight animals have a hard time regulating their body temperature, so make sure they stay as cool as possible & are walked in shaded areas on warm spring & summer days. Dogs with snub noses, such as Pekingese, pugs, and bulldogs, have a hard time staying cool because they can't pant efficiently, so they also need to stay out of the heat as much as possible.
  • KEEP PETS INSIDE EXCEPT FOR WALKS & BACKYARD VISITS: Animals shouldn't be left outside unsupervised on long, hot days, even in the shade. Shade can move throughout the afternoon, and pets can become ill quickly if they overheat, so keep them inside as much as possible. If you must leave your pet in the backyard, make sure there is unlimited water accessible to them and always keep a close eye on your pet.
  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN THE CAR: Even if it may seem cool outside, the sun can raise the temperature inside your car to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes, even with the windows rolled down.
  • DOUBLE UP ON WATER BOWLS: Make sure to keep several bowls filled up to the brim both inside & outside to ensure your pet is hydrated at all times.  For long walks - bring a along a portable bowl and water for your pet.
  • GROOMING: Ensure your pet is well-groomed. Long hair and hair mats may need to be clipped to help cool your pet.
  • ALLERGIES: Pets young and old can develop allergies at anytime. If you notice your pet sneezing, coughing or changes in behavior call your vet to schedule an appointment, they may need some allergy medication of their own.

The Scoop On Poop

An excert from John Davidson

But since poop doesn’t come with name tags, you never know just who the pooper was. Some angry neighbors start guessing.
One left a bag of poop on my front steps, marked “For the Davidsons.” Another woman essentially started stalking me when I walked my dogs, cellphone in hand to summon the authorities. I think she’s out there today, waiting. Full Story

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    The green scene has gone beyond gardens - it now includes litter boxes and doggie treats. Full Story

  • Did you know…

    Atlanta Dog Sitting will also arrange trips to the vet, groomer or even the dog park while you are at work; learn more about us. Don’t want to spend your weekend cleaning up yard waste? Check out our services page for details on how you can save time and a complete list of our house chores and errand services.





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